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Our starting point is that people can develop and do other things than what they do today. Within the right environment and context, every individual can accomplish great things. This requires courage to think anew. If you do what you have always done, you will always get the same results. We believe in the importance of organizational development and to challenge the conventional strategies of recruitment and staff development.

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About Skillway

Maria Lethin

+46 (0) 705 10 77 69

Maria Lethin has a bachelor’s degree in psychology from the Strategic Human Resource Management and Labor Relations program from the University of Lund and Kristianstad University. She is, in addition, a certified conversational therapist and ICF coach. Maria has 15 years’ experience as HR manager in companies such as Findus Sverige AB and Yves Rocher Suéde AB.

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Her latest employment was as HR manager at Nestlé Sverige AB. She has structured HR departments and implemented HR processes to support the business. Maria has also used cultural and evaluation work to develop value-driven organizations. She has worked with a wide range of HR-related tasks, for example reorganizations, union negotiations, change management, downsizing and construction of new parts of organizations. During her time as HR Manager, Maria also handled conflict management, training in difficult conversations, executive coaching and stress resilience training. For two years Maria ran her own business as a consultant for various companies that needed to supplement their HR department with specialist knowledge in various stages. She has been running Skillway AB together with Anna Goudoulakis since 2016.

Anna Goudoulakis

0736 00 00 80

Anna Goudoulakis has a Bachelors Degree in Business Administration from Växjö University, but has also studied at Stockholm University and at the School of Finance in Thessaloniki, Greece. Anna has worked both in the staffing industry and in dedicated executive search companies.

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She has extensive experience of qualified research work from manager recruitment company Lisberg. Here, she worked with the systematic identification of industries and companies in order to identify qualified candidates in executive search assignments. Anna has worked as Head of Research at Carpenova AB, where she managed a research department with four researchers and created the processes, procedures and structure of the department. Anna has many years of experience in interviewing, personal assessment and testing for recruitment, coaching and career counseling. Anna has pursued her own company within research since 2009 and has been running Skillway AB with Mary Lethin since 2016.


Skillway performs all missions with respect for the individual, its potential and development capabilities. We believe in simplicity and target-oriented personnel development work, in which every person is given the opportunity to shine. We want to create a good working relationship with people we like and who share our values. We want to work in an environment that inspires, gives joy and opens up new opportunities for development.


Skillway serves as an external HR department for companies that lack their own HR department or need to strengthen their existing HR staff. Skillway has many years of experience in all kinds of HR work and can support your business in all HR processes. We check your organization to ensure that you comply with labor laws and agreements. We also act as a support for managers in their daily lives to promote a development- and goal-oriented organization. Examples of areas where we offer support are:

  • Union negotiations
  • Difficult conversations
  • Performance talks
  • Performance management
  • Talent assessment
  • Succession planning
  • Conflict management
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Individual coaching for manager

We tailor management programs based on an individual risk assessment of strengths and areas for development. The programs are designed according to the manager’s individual areas of development and current situation.

Individual coaching for groups and employee

Starting with a situation analysis based on tests, we create programs for group and individual development. These development programs help new or existing group to find effective and fruitful cooperation. An investment in order to get the group to achieve the desired results.

Competence strengthening

Identification of existing expertise within the organization in relation to the organization’s objectives. How do you ensure that you have the right skills to achieve your goals? We help you to identify the organization’s expertise and design concrete development plans for employees in order to achieve your results.

Balance in life

We live in a society where work and leisure are increasingly intertwined. Together with you, we create conditions for good performance and durability in the workplace. We map the current situation of your employees and combine it with your organization’s unique requirements. With this as a starting point we can then set up a strategy to achieve balance in life.

Employee surveys with subsequent analysis and action plan

We conduct employee surveys with associated analysis and interpretation, and provide suggestions for action.

We are certified in the following analysis tool for person assessment, leadership training and group development.

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Change Management

Supporting reorganizations, downsizing and layoffs.

During organizational changes, it is imperative that all steps in the process are handled correctly. Respect for the individual is critical to your company’s reputation and the continued well-being of the individual. It is equally important to follow the rules and regulations on the labor market as it is to handle layoffs in an ethical and professional manner. We support you throughout the process, from analyzing the existing organization with the aim to streamline operations, to dealing with union negotiations and outplacement programs for employees who need help getting on.

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Active recruitment

Click here to see our open recruitments. We also conduct “silent search” – recruitments that are not shown on our website.



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Anna Goudoulakis

Anna Goudoulakis

Research and Recruiting Professional / Partner

0736 00 00 80 
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maria lethin

Maria Lethin

People and Culture Professional / Partner

0705 10 77 69
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Tea Nilsson

Tea Nilsson

Operating Manager

0708 62 22 50
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Emilia Andén

Emilia Andén

People and Search Specialist

0708 12 46 60
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